Life was very frustrating during the lockdown because we have had some fantastic spring weather in the UK.

On the plus side it has given me time to get out all my fishing equipment, sort it and give it a proper deep clean. It’s been a throwback to the days of the old close season and waiting for the glorious 16th to arrive, although during this period it was uncertain when we would actually get back fishing let alone holding matches.

Fortunately we are back fishing, albeit having to keep a distance between us and although matches are slowly beginning to be allowed it’s going to take time before we are back to normal.

It won’t be long?

Can’t wait for match fishing to get back to normal.

All packed and ready to go.

"More ways than one to get your angling fix."

The perfect combination

During lockdown and getting my daily permitted exercise I spent time walking the banks of a relatively unknown little river in my home town of Wickford called the Crouch. Peering into the shallow water on the sunny days on one side of town I was surprised to see just how many fish it contained with good shoals of roach, chub, perch and dace. On the other side of town the river is tidal and here I have spotted some decent sized carp and chub and as soon as the season opens will be roving around and casting a line here. I’ve already put aside some tackle consisting of my 10ft CK Bomb Rod which I have teamed up with a Black Magic FD reel, a combination that seems perfect for the job along with a few bits of terminal tackle within my Xitan Combi Bait Bag.

It might be a long way from match fishing but those short walks along the river were really enjoyed and knowing things will take a while to get back to normal I’m certainly going to make time and get my angling fix in each and anyway I can.

Terry Edwards

Wickford Team Captain