Catch Carp on the Pellet Bomb

Catch carp on this simple big bait approach.

Sphere Large Multipocket Bag

A top quality carryall with the capacity to swallow all my kit with ease.

Feeder Fishing for Barbel

Tim Bruce goes in search of river Wye barbel.

Black Viper Compact 845 Reel

An ultra modern reel for the feeder angler.

Tough Tripod

A really strong and reliable all-metal tripod for roosts and rests.

Sphere Match 390

The awesome Sphere Match Float rod.

Xenos Wire Pro Cast Feeder

Your Best Asset for Successful Fishing

Dacron Connector

No fuss, Dacron Connectors covering a wide range of elastics.

Catch Canal Silvers

Why the track line is key for catching silvers on canals.

Xitan 2eX-S Skyline Kit

An almost 'invisible' top-kit for shallow fishing.