Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid

The perfect main line for feeder fishing.

Xenos J-25 Slow Sinking Feeder

Catch Carp at all depths with this slow-sinking feeder.

Xitan Carryall

A no-nonsense, large capacity carryall.

Gravel Pit Bream on the Window Feeder

Catch Big Gravel Pit Bream on the Window Feeder

Mix a River Roach Groundbait

A brilliant groundbait for clear rivers.

Browning CC Feeder Seatbox

A seatbox that meets the expectations of a feeder angler.

Space Saver 90 Quick Dry Keepnet

The perfect keepnet for big-weight venues.

Black Viper MK FD Reel

The perfect reel for long-range feeder fishing.

The ‘Long-Line’ on Midlands Canals

How to fish effectively on the far bank of your local canal.

Black Magic Feeder Rod Holder

The perfect running-line rod roost.