Feeder Connector Swivel

A brilliant, very simple, quick-change swivel connector.

No-Snag Latex Landing Nets

No-snag latex mesh sets these nets apart from the competition.

Catch Carp on the Deck

Jim Hall looks at one of his favourite autumn tactics.

Catch Bonus Fish On Worms

Worms can often be the key to catching bigger fish.

Sphere Multi Rod Carrier

If you carry several made up rod this is the bag for you.

Catch Silverfish on a Large Lowland River

Pole tactics for targeting silverfish on slow-flowing rivers.

Sphere Silverlite System Whip

Raises the roof when fishing line to hand.

Big Bream & Quick Skimmer

The big fish allround groundbait mix for spring to autumn

Big Pit Mini Feeder

A brilliant mini-cage feeder for natural and commercial venues.

Bright Baits for Cold Carp

Why bright baits catch more coldwater carp.