Targus Seatbox

...this box, with its sliding footplate, is absolutely rock-solid.

Pole Cup Set

This set of two large Pole Cups have a tremendous capacity

Sphere Classic Hooks to Nylon

If you’re looking for a great all-round hook then look no further!

Black Magic Gold Power Elastic

Great for snaggy venues where the carp run big.

Fish Counter

Fish Counters have become an essential part of a match angler’s kit

CK Competition Landing Net

The CK Competition Nets are up there with my favourite items of kit

Sphere Cool Bait Bag

A quality cool bait bag is an essential in my book

Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle

Over the last year I have been very impressed with the Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle

CK Carp Wand

Short rods are all the rage at the moment and are perfect for carp commercials when fishing at…

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Line

Using Fluorocarbon hook lengths will give you a massive edge.