Cenex Feeder Mono

a really robust all-rounder.

Black Magic Unhooking Mat

An essential item for every angler.

Black Magic Compact Pan Net

A great net for handling carp - fast!

Sphere Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors

The Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors make fishing the long pole so much easier and more…

Sphere 10′ Bomb +10% Rod

If you do any amount of short leger work on commercials then you seriously need to check out this…

Sphere Match Hooks

The Sphere Match is very robust, despite its lightness and can easily handle that bonus lumpy carp.

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks

These hooks are razor sharp, very light creating the perfect presentation

Space Saver Carp Mesh Keepnet

These modern nets have proven to be really long-lasting and strong