The Black Magic Specialist Pole - A consummate all-rounder.

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to be able to test the new Black Magic Specialist pole. This is just one of a large number of new product launches from Browning, and one that I was particularly interested to take a look at. 

This latest generation of Black Magic poles is based on the, also new, Black Magic Allround. Following the motto “You can always do a little more”, the developers have tuned it to an even higher level giving fantastic quality at an extremely attractive price. Before I talk about my on-the-water tests let’s take a closer look at the technical details.


As soon as it was unpacked this 10 meter long pole I was very impressed, as it shared many features normally found on much higher-priced poles. One of the first to catch my attention were the carbon reinforced areas around the main stress points, which serve to reinforce the pole precisely where it needs it, without adding excess weight. 

The kit supplied has a length of 2.6 meters and is already equipped with a PTFE bush and a side puller bush. This means that very little work is required to get the kits ready for use. Simply thread the elastic of your choice and the pole is ready for fishing. You can also add a cupping kit and additional pulla kit for very little additional cost.


The puller kits supplied with the pole are capable of handling elastics up to a 20+ rating (3.5mm hollow), so I was keen to test how well this pole handled powerful carp on stronger tackle. During testing I used the pole with elastics up to 3.1mm Stretch Hollow and landed carp quickly with little fuss. I have no doubt that this pole can handle strong tackle up to the stated rating and will land some seriously big carp. 

Soon to be available will be a range of Mini-Pole Protectors designed to fit the 3, 4, 5, and 6 sections of the pole. These have been specially strengthened to give maximum power under the elbow and enable the exact length of the pole to be adjusted to the perfect distance. With these pole protectors it is possible to fish at the following distances: 

3 parts: 4.5 meters

4 parts: 5.5 meters

5 parts: 7.0 meters

6 parts: 8.5 meters

7 parts: 10 meters

Expect the Mini-Pole Protectors to be available in Summer 2021. 

If you are looking for a great 10 metre pole that can handle everything from big carp to silvers, then be sure to check out the Black Magic Specialist Pole, it is a true allrounder. I think this pole to two different groups of anglers. Firstly, the Club Angler who is looking for a pole that can handle everything and is super-comfortable to fish with. Secondly, for anglers who fish for carp in the margins, and who might need to follow the fish out, or along the margin, to keep the bites coming the length of this pole is just right, and flexible enough to be a brilliant choice. 

Make sure you take a look at this pole at your local Browning Stockist, you will not be disapointed! 

Tight lines and best wishes! 

Christian Dörr, Team Browning Saarland

Cenex Feeder Mono

I’ve been using Cenex Feeder Mono for a while now and really feel it gives me a massive edge when feeder fishing as it sinks almost immediately and being of medium-stretch it transmits everything back to the rod tip instantly. 

Having a special smooth surface seal increases casting distance and improves retrieve, it’s also very abrasion resistant so it’s a very versatile mainline and will appeal to the bream angler casting to the horizon or the angler targeting carp up against snags where you just can’t give them an inch! Its sinking properties and suppleness are also advantageous when there is a heavy surface tow, especially when float fishing at distance.

I just love this line as it has so many uses, as it’s simply not affected by the rigorous demands of modern day match fishing.

Available on 150m spools in the following diameters/breaking strains –

0.14mm – 4lb

0.16mm – 5lb

0.18mm – 6lb

0.20mm – 7.40lb

0.22mm – 9.70lb

0.24mm – 11.80lb

0.26mm – 12.80lb

0.28mm – 13.70lb


Alec Roberts

Withstands everything thrown at it.

This soft line sits perfectly on the spool.

"I just love this line as it has so many uses"

Black Magic Unhooking Mat

Fish protection is extremely important and we all need to carry an unhooking mat nowadays as there are times when unhooking can be tricky and its best to lay the fish down. Even in matches I feel that mats should be used at every weighing point, it just makes sense that the fish that have made us frame are protected to the fullest.  

This mat isn’t huge as its been produced with practical dimensions to double up as a waterproof cushion, great for seat boxes which are new and slightly hard and even better when roving a river as it can be placed on the ground and sat on. 

Dimensions – (L) 75cm x (W) 45cm

Andy Blay

We all should have a mat for those tricky unhooking moments. 

Padded to protect fish and us when kneeling down.

Versatile and compact.

"Fish protection is extremely important and we all need to carry an unhooking mat nowadays "

Black Magic Compact Pan Net

There are several things that I look for in a landing net, al of which combine to make fishing that bit easier and more efficient, ultimately helping me put more fish in the net. 

Firstly, the frame and spreader need to be up to the job. Lifting double-figure carp on a regular basis, often when the water can be a few feet below the peg, puts a lot of strain on these components and they need to be strong with a good connection between the two. 

The mesh is also important. It needs to be of a close weave so that hooks are less prone to get caught in it, but with large enough holes that it slices through the water easily. Try scooping a lively carp with a net that has too fine a mesh and you will see just how difficult the net is to manoeuvre. I also like the mesh to be quite shallow – just deep enough to swallow a double-figure carp is about right. This enables me to cradle the net between my knees whilst unhooking the fish without having to reach down and search for it within the folds of a net that is too deep. 

To my mind, the Black Magic Compact Pan is spot-on for all these features, making it my choice for the majority of my fishing. 

Jim Hall

Just the right size and depth for handling fish of all sizes.

Strong enough to handle chunky carp.

"my choice for the majority of my fishing. "

Fish and hook-friendly mesh.

The net cuts through the water easily.

Metal frame and reinforced where it counts.

Sphere Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors

Fishing a long pole all day can be tough work, especially if there is a cross wind continually buffeting the sections. One feature of Browning poles which makes fishing in these tough conditions so much easier are the Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors (SEPP’s) that fit the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections. 

These short butts feature Browning’s unique square section technology, which gives them a distinct flat-sided profile with rounded corners. This is so much easier to grip and hold under the forearm, reducing pole movement and making the pole easier to use for extended periods. This allows me to concentrate more on the fishing, enabling me to fish more precisely for longer than ever before. 

The profile of the Sphere SEPP’s is slightly more rounded than some of the other Browning poles, which gives them the perfect profile in my opinion for maximum comfort. When the conditions are rough this makes a massive difference to how well I can fish. 

The Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors also have brilliant integrated EVA foam bungs that protect the ends of the sections from damage when shipping back. 

All in all, a brilliant innovation that has made a massive contribution to fishing the long pole. Make sure you try them out the next time you visit your local Browning Pole Stockist. 

Jim Hall

SEPP sections are just one of the unique features of Browning flagship poles.

The integrated skid bungs offer loads of protection.

The square-profile section rests perfectly under the arm.

"slightly rounded, these squared-off sections give maximum comfort."

Black Magic T/A Power Handle & Gold Net

With time, we discover how important it is to choose fishing equipment for our style of fishing and specific preferences. We pay attention to cost and quality. We attach to brands that delighted us and do not disappoint. While fishing for several years, some equipment has passed through my hands. At the beginning, I completed everything slowly, buying a platform, then a pole and other elements, step by step. With time, when I knew that fishing was an activity that I love, I invested in a better quality assortment. 

I am looking for an assortment that will meet most of my requirements, will be of good quality and finish, and will not cost too much. The landing net, consisting of a handle and a net, is a must-have for a float and feeder angler. In the last year I have visited carp and crucian carp venues several times. On these occasions I decided to use a set consisting of a Browning Gold large net and 4.4 metre Black Magic Take Apart Power Handle. The previous net handle I had was 3.5 mtres long. It was perfect for quickly netting small fish, which are worth their weight in gold, but I needed something longer that would give me more reach when trying to net larger fish.

My plan was to fish more for carp over the next two seasons, so I needed to find a handle with the strength and stiffness to handle these powerful fish. After a long reflection and on the advice of friends, this set was chosen. As well as doing the job, it looks really good too.

Black Magic Take Apart 4.4m Power Handle

This is a four-piece handle. The first three are covered with a carbon structure, giving a unique look and a feel of very high quality. On the lower section the surface is smooth compared to the upper ones. Take-apart handles have their supporters and opponents. I admit that at the beginning I was also afraid that one of the elements would come loose. After a year of heavy use, nothing like that happened. The rough structure means that the surface of the handle is not scratched. However, it is worth covering the blanks with silicone or Teflon spray from time to time to keep it looking immaculate.

The finish of the blank is really neat and oozes quality. The weight at a length of 4.4 m is 460 grams – not the lightest, but with the extra weight comes durability The transport length is 1.24 metre and we can store it loose in a bag without any worries.

Gold Net 

I chose the same manufacturer’s Gold Net Large landing net. The dimensions are 55cm x 45cm x 30cm. The mesh on the rim has 8x8mm meshes. The rim is distinguished by a copper color, perfectly matching the sublime details on the landing net handle. 

The two EVA foams on the frame are designed to keep the net close to the water surface without having to hold it in position. This is particularly useful when playing big powerful fish. The head is made of good quality material, the thread is also made of brass. 

The weave of the mesh allows for trouble-free removal of hooks if they should get caught. Strong mesh hems and additional reinforcements protect it against accidental damage.

Whilst designed as a carp net, I find this a great all-rounder.  Out of curiosity, I checked it more than once when it comes to fishing for smaller fish. It is extremely well balanced and passes through the water easily. 

It amazed me mainly with the quality of workmanship and I can whole-heartedly recommend this landing net combination. 

Tight Lines! 

Luiza Pyrzyńsk : Team Browning Poland

The handle is a four-piece take apart design.

I particularly like the machined screw thread and reinforcing.

The mesh is just the right size and resists hooks well.

"It amazed me mainly with the quality of workmanship and I can whole-heartedly recommend this landing net combination. "

This net combination has been perfect for carp like this.

This net and handle complement each other perfectly.

Sphere 10' Bomb +10% Rod

Most of my fishing, come summer or winter, is on commercial fisheries where casting accuracy is far more important and distance. In recent years there has been a definite trend towards using shorter rods for this style of fishing, which really enable you to get every cast on the money. Finding the perfect rod for this style of fishing has been quite a difficult task for me, with many being slightly too soft to land big carp quickly. Whilst others are slightly too powerful for the short casts being made. Fortunately, I have found the Sphere 10’ Bomb +10%, which is absolutely spot-on for this work. 

As the name suggests, this rod has 10% more power than the original Sphere Bomb. This subtle difference enables me to fish light bombs, though to medium-sized Method Feeders, thanks to the through-actioned blank. For fishing up to around 30 metres this is perfect. 

When you hook a big carp that is determined to get under the near margins and snag you up the blank simply allows me to apply pressure and let the rod do the work. It is amazing how many times the rod has slowed a carp to a dead stop and enabled me to lead it into open water. 

Like all of the Sphere range the fittings on this rod are absolutely top-notch. From the custom Fuji reel fitting, to the low-profile ‘skeletal’ guides, and the ergonomically shaped handle, everything has been carefully thought out to be the best there is. 

The ten foot length is perfect for this style of fishing. I like the way that I can tuck the rod down out of a cross wind, yet it isn’t too short that it makes it difficult to turn a carp that has kited sideways. 

Lighter 0.5oz and 0.75oz tips are supplied; ideal for winter work, with heavier 1oz and 1.5oz for feeder fishing. Spare tips are available right up to 5oz in carbon and glass. 

If you do any amount of short leger work on commercials then you seriously need to check out this rod at your local Browning stockist. 

Jon Whincup

The Sphere +10% has amazing reserves of power.

When accuracy is key this rod doesn’t disappoint.

Equally at home landing big carp as it is skimmers.

Match is with a bomb or Method feeder.

"If you do any amount of short leger work on commercials then you seriously need to check out this rod."

Top-quality Sea Guides are used throughout.

The custom reel seat is incredibly comfortable.

Four tips between 0.5oz and 1.5oz are supplied with heavier models also available.

Sphere Match Hooks

The Sphere Match is my favourite as once in, it stays in, due to its long tip and slightly in turned razor sharp point, the micro barb helps as well! Amazingly it’s very robust, despite its lightness and can easily handle that bonus lumpy carp that barges in on occasions whilst targeting other species. It really is what I would call an all-rounder, perfect when feeder fishing for delicate mouthed fish such as roach and crucians, but just as at home when fishing the pole or trotting a river for chub. 

This spade end hook comes in an extensive range of sizes, loose in packets of fifteen, from a size 18 right through to an 8. They also come on continuous ready-tyed looped spools in the same sizes. 

If you are looking for a hook that is versatile and reliable, here it is!


Andy Blay

The Sphere Match, my favourite.

The range covers both loose and ready-tied hooks.

Once they go in they stay in.

"it’s very robust, despite its lightness and can easily handle that bonus lumpy carp"

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks

Have you ever experienced those frustrating sessions when you lose too many fish and wonder what’s going on. Dace fishing can be extremely frustrating, just hitting the bites can be difficult let alone having them fall of soon after. This is almost certainly down to the hook as some patterns just don’t suit their bony mouths and constant twisting in the water.  

One hook that does suit speed fishing for silvers, especially roach and dace, is the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite range, not just an exceptional feeder hook but a great maggot pattern when float fishing. These hooks are razor sharp, very light creating the perfect presentation and once in, they stay in!

Available on pre-tied continuous spools containing eight micro-barbed hook lengths in sizes ranging between 8 and 18, these spade end hooks are ideal for silvers and although light are strong enough to land any bonus fish hooked. They are also available in the same sizes loose in packets containing fifteen hooks.    

Colin Sheppard

A razor sharp hook and a great pattern for float or feeder.

I lose very few fish with this hook pattern.

The ideal hook for river silverfish.

"These hooks are razor sharp and very light creating the perfect presentation"

Space Saver Carp Mesh Keepnet

I own quite a few keepnets, but the ones that I find I use more than any other are the Space Saver Carp Mesh models. These modern nets have proven to be really long-lasting and strong, making them ideal for the big carp found in many venues. 

I tend to use the fish-friendly carp mesh version, which is available in 2.5m, 3m, and 4m versions. The mesh has a lovely soft feel which I especially like. The top and bottom rings are made of alloy for added strength and I can report that the mesh shows no signs of wear in the corners – a common area of failure on many nets. 

The variable angle bankstick attachment has also been nicely reinforced and enables me to get the nets positioned perfectly on my footplate legs. 

As the name suggests, these nets don’t take up a great deal of space, and are remarkably lightweight too. For anglers that need to carry several nets you can pack these into a double net bag with room to spare. 

Often an unsung bit of gear that we all use, but one that has been thoroughly thought out to do its job with all of the common weak-points designed out to give a long useful life. 

Available in 2.5m, 3m and 4m lengths.

Jim Hall

I really like the strong bank adjustable stick adaptor.

The carp friendly mesh dries quickly.

"These modern nets have proven to be really long-lasting and strong."