Xenos J-25 Slow Sinking Feeder

This innovative feeder has given me a major edge in many a match allowing me to catch carp from the off, leaving others anglers around playing the catch up game. 

Before revealing my edge let’s take a quick look at the Xenos Feeders which come in three sizes (J-25, J-28 and J-32) and have weighted heads at the front ranging from 30-80g which can be easily removed and altered. Whether you want to deliver a small payload a long way out or a big pay load in close, these feeders are extremely versatile and cover most situations, but there’s also a floating ball shaped head that fits these feeders that not only allows carp to be caught off the top but more importantly can be adjusted to sink at different speeds catching them from every depth within the swim. 

To make this floating head sink all you do is to remove the plug from the small hole within and add split shot. The more you add, the quicker it sinks but the most deadly decent I have found is to critically balance it so it sinks mega slow, just like the pellets placed within the cage and the one next to your hook. 

I know it all sounds too good to be true, in fact many will be saying ‘that won’t work’ but until you have tried this you just won’t be aware of what you’re missing out on.  

Colin Sheppard

Fully interchangeable feeders.

Adding weight will adjust the speed the feeder falls through the water.

Fully loaded and ready to go.

My secret weapon, revealed!

Catching while other around struggle.

If you have a deep commercial full of carp nearby, you really need to get on the Slow Sinker!

"The feeder can be balanced to sink incredibly slowly."

Xitan Carryall

If ever there was a piece of luggage that lived up to its name then this is it. The Xitan Carry All has a capacity of over 100 litres, meaning I can load it with all the gear that I need and, along with my seatbox, it sits perfectly on my barrow, making getting to my peg a cinch. 

Like all of the Xitan luggage range it is made from a really hard-wearing material that has a wipe clean finish. Perfect for muddy banks. The Carry All is has soft internal padding, which means it doesn’t collapse when only half loaded. This makes it much easier to find those items that always manage to end up at the bottom of the bag. 

The carry handles at each end are a nice touch, making lifting the bag on and off my barrow, and loading it in the car very easy, even when it is fully loaded. The base also has runners on it, which protect the base from damage. 

Like all of the Xitan luggage range the zips and stitching are built to last. Given the superb quality, I was surprised by the reasonable price. Expect many years of faithful service from this well thought out range.

Smaller items can be stored in the two end pockets and the larger front pocket. All in all, there is a place for everything in this cavernous bag, making getting organised just that little but easier. 

Dimensions – 72cm X 37cm X 45cm

Tight lines! 

Mark Roberson

The Xitan luggage have a really smart wipe-clean finish.

The end carry handles are really useful.

The pockets are just right for a range of smaller items.

"Like all of the Xitan luggage range the zips and stitching are built to last"

A great carryall for all my gear.

Plenty of room for all my gear in one bag.

Browning CC Feeder Seatbox

There are many models of seatbox available, with so much more choice now than even a few years ago, with a huge spread in prices between models and brands. The sheer choice available can be confusing to the angler looking for a new box, but there are some key points to look out for. 

One of the key elements to consider is comfort. We are going to be spending a long time sitting in one position, so it is essential that the seatbox provides the right sitting position. Look for boxes that allow the height of the seat to be adjusted easily to match your height. Good upholstery on the seat can also make a big difference. 

The combination of accessories and draws that you choose will depend upon the style of fishing and the amount of gear that you need. It is worth thinking carefully before deciding on the trays, draws and other accessories that you require to ensure that everything has a place. Also make sure that the box system that you choose has a good range of add-ons available. 

My choice of box is the Browning CC Feeder Seat Box. This is the flagship model of the top of the range Xitan competition seat boxes. The structure was designed with innovative applications in mind. Comfort in use is provided by a wide and stable frame. The diameter of the legs is 25 mm, and is very rigid while fishing, even when I have to go deeper into the water. 

The platform is easy to carry, compact and lightweight. There is a lot of space under the upper cassette for attaching cassettes and other necessary accessories. With a wide range of different cassettes available, so that box can be tailored to your own needs. 

Six telescopic legs with adjustable feet, as well as spirit levels on each side of the platform, allow me to easily and quickly level the box, even on uneven terrain. The knobs are made of a solid material, their shape allows for easy adjustment. The design and livery of the platform matches the entire series of Browning products from the Xitan series. 

I have had this seat box for two years. Despite lots of use, I can confidently recommend this seat box as it has really stood the test of time. The legs are still stable, nothing has rubbed off. The retractable footrest is practically in the factory condition. There is no play in any of the components, giving me total confidence to set this box up even in deep water.

The stable and compact structure is convenient to carry and transport. Now I cannot imagine fishing without a comfortable and safe seat box. It has become a piece of kit that I can really rely upon, being extremely comfortable and a pleasure to use. 

Best regards,

Paweł Daab.

This seatbox provides a very stable fishing platform.

A full range of accessories can be added to this box.

I particularly like that the seat height can be adjusted independently.

"A seatbox that meets the expectations of a feeder angler."

Space Saver 90 Quick Dry Keepnet

Sometimes the simplest things in fishing make the biggest differences! Just by placing the robust angle-adjustment connector bracket on the narrow side of a keepnet means that more nets can be positioned in front of you during a match, something that’s important on bagging waters when weights of over 300lb are commonplace and 50lb net limits are imposed!

Made from a Quick Dry Mesh material this net is very fish friendly, almost eliminating fins being caught up and being dark keeps the fish within calm. The top and bottom rings, which take the most punishment during carp bagging matches, are made from metal with the middle rings made from sturdy plastic. These nets are really light and fold down to just a couple of inches meaning that numerous nets can be packed away and transported in my Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag.


(L) 3.0m x (W) 50cm x (H) 40cm  

Also available in two sizes, with mounting in the normal position, in lengths of 2.50m and 3.50m, both 50cm width and 40cm height.  

Justin Watkins

The threaded adaptor is on the short side of the rim, giving room for more keepnets in front of you.

All of the fittings are extremely strong.

The soft mesh is very fish friendly.

These nets dry really quickly.

"Made from a Quick Dry Mesh material this net is very fish friendly"

These nets are available in three different lengths.

The angle-adaptor is very well made and locks securely.

Black Viper MK FD Reel

Feeder fishing tackle has made many massive advances in recent years, as this style of fishing has become so popular right across Europe. Who would have thought, for example, that we would have a Feeder World Championships? Browning have been at the forefront of feeder fishing gear for many years, and one of the areas where they excel is reels. 

Recently, I have been using the new Black Viper MK FD reel, which has been designed with long-range feeder fishing in mind. This 50 size reel, can add metres to your cast, thanks to the large spool and worm-shaft gearing which gives exceptional line-lay. Perfect for modern braided feeder lines. The machined alloy spool has been specially designed for fine diameter braided lines, with a shallow profile that doesn’t require huge amounts of backing. This shallow spool profile actually helps save weight, giving a very well balanced setup when combined with 13 foot (3.9 metre) and 14 foot (4.2 metre) feeder rods. 

When fishing at range you also need a reel that retrieves line quickly. This makes regularly recasting much less of a chore, and means less time is wasted each time you want to refill the feeder, or change hookbait. The retrieve on the Black Viper is just right, and the specially designed rotor imparts very little line twist too. 

This is a reel that feels very solidly built, with no slack in the handle, or spool. Everything is tight and responds instantly, just as you would expect with Browning’s engineering. For long-range feeder fishing it has few equals. 

Tight Lines! 

Pat Cuddy

An incredibly well built reel that will give years of service.

Tjis reel balances perfectly with longer feeder rods of 13ft or 14ft.

The line-lay is exceptional.

"This is a reel that feels very solidly built"

Black Magic Feeder Rod Holder

If you have ever found your spare rods and reels snagging each other, then this new roost is for you. Designed to hold four feeder or float rods, even if they are fitted with modern 50-size long distance reels, this roost holds your gear securely and adequately spaced to eliminate tangles. 

The soft moulded foam design will protect delicate blanks, whilst the L-shaped design means that the rods will not blow off the roost, even in the strongest of winds. Fitted with a standard screw thread they can be either attached to your box, many side trays, or used on a separate tripod, depending on you preference. 

A really well thought-out design that is just right for the modern rod and line angler. 

Pat Cuddy

Browning West Midlands

This rest holds the rods at a sensible distance apart.

The L-shaped EVA foam cut-outs stop rods from being blown off in strong winds.

If you set up multiple running-line rods then this is the ideal rest.

"Just right for the modern feeder angler"

Sphere Large Multipocket Bag

There is luggage and then there is exceptionally good luggage, and that’s exactly where I place every product in the Sphere range.

Modern day match anglers carry everything, and I’m no exception as every match, festival or venue brings along different challenges, and that means taking every rod, reel and bait so you can adapt and compete to the top of your ability. The Sphere Large Multipocket Bag is big with a huge main compartment that swallows up everything along with three wide zipped outer pockets giving easy access and more capacity for additional kit. Made from top quality specialist PVC material and the best fittings available you can forget about broken zips and wear on weak points as attention to detail has been looked at, addressed and fixed meaning there will be no early retirement here, just years and years of reliable service!

The wipe clean, tough carbon effect material will have heads turning and its dimensions mean it sits on a barrow perfectly. Along with its capacity it comes with a load of additional innovative features such as carry handle on the side which makes lifting onto a barrow effortless and the plastic base runners, which eliminates wear, and carry handles mean that it can be pushed/pulled and positioned in a vehicle easily. Reinforced corners, wipe clean inner and padded, adjustable shoulder strap are additional top quality features.

If you are an angler that demands the best, then look no further.

Also available in an 85 litre compact size.

Andy Blay

The best luggage I’ve ever had. 

Carry handle, a brilliant innovative touch.

My gear stays dry in the worst conditions.

Top quality fittings.

Massive capacity to swallow up all my kit.

Padded adjustable shoulder strap.

"If you are an angler that demands the best, then look no further."

Black Viper Compact 845 Reel

I’ve been using the Black Viper Compact 845, which is slightly smaller than the Compact 855 for around a year now and can confidently say it’s a top class all-round feeder reel. I have to admit though; I was a bit concerned recently if it was up to its next challenge, barbel on the mighty river Wye, especially when I arrived to find it raging through after loads of overnight rain, however it performed perfectly and helped me land a number of specimens to over 9lb.   

It has loads of features, the most notable being the long-cast spool that takes an amazing 200m of 0.20mm line and retrieves an incredible 99cm per turn! The spool also features two line clips which are totally reliable and allow the line to be removed easily if required when fishing clipped up. Weighing just 420g this reel is compact but oozes features such as 8 ball bearings, a gear ratio of 4.6:1, and something I love, a line guard that eliminates line slipping behind the spool. The reel has a silky smooth clutch which is easily and finely adjusted due to the large surface front drag switch. The line lay is perfect, all down to the Wormshaft Oscillation System ensuring pin-point accurate casting every time and the stainless steel Easy Grip Handle, Large Line Roller with Anti-twist System and Thick Bail Arm create a incredibly balanced reel that feels simply perfect. 

An ultra modern feeder reel that will no doubt continue to perform for many years to come.  

Tim Bruce

Large surface front drag for instant fine adjustment.

Perfect line lay.

Stainless steel shaft and EVA easy grip handle.

A Wye nine pounder, the perfect test for this reel. 

"The line lay is perfect."

Line capacity clearly shown on spool.

Unique line guard stops line catching on the back of the spool.

The perfect reel for modern feeder fishing for big, powerful fish.

Tough Tripod

A quality tripod is an essential for holding your roosts steady, especially when there is the chance of a strong crosswind. Whilst they might not be the lightest, I really like these all metal Browning Tripods. You will be hard pushed to find a stronger support out there, and they have proven to be extremely tough. 

All three legs offer infinite adjustment, up to a little over three feet (1 metre) in height, making it easy to cope with uneven banks, as well as being able to get your roosts up high and out of the way of bankside vegetation. The central column is also height-adjustable, giving even more lift when required. 

The thumb screws are very chunky and easy to use, even in the cold. The screw thread will accept all roosts and rod rest heads, making it very versatile too. A really useful piece of kit. 

Pat Cuddy

The all metal design is very strong indeed.

The leg adjustment is really positive.

A very robust piece of kit.

"This tripod really lives up to its name."

Sphere Match 390

Ever since I first picked up a Sphere rod I have to admit that it felt and responded better than any other rod I have ever used. The latest addition to my armoury is the Sphere 13’ Match rod and it doesn’t disappoint as it, like all the other rods in the Sphere range built using the finest fittings and the slimmest, lightest, high-modulus carbon blank available. 

The first thing I noticed when using this rod for the first time was just how light it was, just 149g and the slim blank made casting effortless. It was perfection in my hands but little did I know the best was jet to come, as when the float dipped and the first fish was hooked I could feel everything right into my hands, something I have never experienced before and all down to the unique ergonomic weight reducing handle. I just didn’t want the fight to end but inevitably it did, I just had to cast back out and catch more! 

Fitted with Fuji reel seat, special ultra low friction SIC guides, the lightest and best available, and boosting a medium through action this rod is just a joy to use, and as marketed, they are ‘out of this world’.

This is the ultimate all-round match rod; perfectly at home trotting a stick float down the river as it is casting a waggler on a big stillwater to delicate fishing down the edge.

Available in both 13’ and 14’ these are just part of the vast Sphere rods that you just have to get your hands on.

Colin Sheppard

Ergonomic weight reducing handle, transmits everything.

The beautifully sculptured handle is brilliant.

The ultimate all-round match rod. 

"The Sphere range are designed to be the best that money can buy."