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When I need a really strong and reliable hook then my first choice is the Sphere Ultra Strong. These hooks have the same shape as the Ultra Lite version that I use for a lot of my feeder fishing for silver fish, but with a significantly heavier wire gauge for each size. This makes them suitable for big fish, either on the feeder, or on the pole too. 

I like to use them when big chub, bream and barbel are on the cards on the river Trent. The shape is perfect for feeder fishing, meaning that I miss fewer bites. I have landed some cracking Trent barbel on these hooks, proving just how strong they are. 

When the river is carrying some extra pace these hooks can also come into play when fishing a big flat float for big perch, bream and other chunky fish. In the smaller sizes they are ideal for presenting a bunch of maggots or fishing the tail of a worm. 

If you are likely to come across big fish on natural venues then this is the hook for you. The strength is second to none and they keep their points very well, making them ideal when big weights of hard-fighting fish can be expected on the pole or feeder. 

A brilliant hook that will not let you down. 

Available in size 8 to 18. 

Tom Noton

The Sphere Ultra Strong hooks come in a wide range of sizes.

This is my choice of hook when fishing with baits like lobworm tail on the river Trent.

"The ideal hook when big fish are on the cards."