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Quite a lot of the fishing that we do as Team Browning Hotrods is for silverfish on the rivers and drains of East Anglia. This was, in part, the inspiration behind the Sphere Silverlite System Whip, but through the testing and development of this brilliant pole, it has become so much more. 

The aim was to produce a pole that could handle a wide range of different tasks, without compromising on any of them. Rather than limit it to traditional whip fishing, there is so much more to modern silverfish fishing that it needed to be more versatile than this to deserve the title ‘best in class’. Available in 8m and 10m systems, the Silverlite is a super-slim pole, without compromising on strength or stiffness. Compared to a normal short pole it is a joy to fish with, being so slim  just so much more responsive it’s easy to throw around and cuts through the air cleanly, especially when you are faced with a strong cross-wind.

The top-three kits are telescopic, as you would expect, but the rest of the sections are take-apart, allowing you to fish either to hand, or with a shorter line, depending upon the conditions. The ten metre section is also parallel, allowing more sections to be added if required. 

The pole is fitted with a flick-tip as standard, which is designed to be used at its full length -ideal for smaller fish or it can be cut back to stiffen it up for bigger fish. Cut it back by about 10cm and this kit is the same length as the hollow kits.

The 8m and 10m packages also come supplied with hollow top-three’s which can be used with a short length of fine elastic, the number 1 section can be bushed as it is for elastics up to a 5 – for this we elasticity the top two sections. Remove the no.1 section and they can also be fitted with a large bush and solid elastic for ‘crunching’ bigger silvers – just elasticating the number 2 section is ideal for that but reducing the length of elastic to about 14” provides a great cushion for crunching fish to hand without having to net everything.

Big weights are possible fishing short on the right peg, often with good-stamp roach, so this pole is not your average delicate whip. The ends of the sections have a reinforcement wrap to add strength and to help avoid chipping. In addition, a further area of woven carbon reinforcement has been added about 45cm above the end of the sections 4 and upwards as this is an area that receives a lot of pressure when swinging fish. 

The 8m system comes supplied with a short reversible dolly butt Pole Protector that fits the number 7 and 8m sections and make it more comfortable when fishing to hand, whilst the 10m system also benefits from a Pole Protector that fits the 9m and 10m sections ideal for shipping up banks and through hedges when used as a short pole. These Pole Protectors also have integral EVA bungs to help prevent damage when shipping back, 

Supplied in a dedicated smart hard case, the Sphere Silverlite Whip System really does cover so many bases when fishing for silvers that I think it is a must-have for anyone that spends any amount of time fishing like this. They have been selling like hotcakes, so grab one while you can! 

Kye Jerrom

Being take-apart this whip is ideal for both long and short line tactics.

Dolly Butts come as part of the package.

The sections are reinforced in key areas to avoid damage.

"The Silverlite Whip is incredibly slim even at 10m."

Both hollow and solid tips are supplied in the kits.

The 10m Silverlite System Whip comes supplied in this dedicated protective carryall.