Originally Published in English.

Keeping your spare rods and top kits safe on the bank is especially important if you fish canals and other venues that see a lot of ‘traffic’, whether that be walkers, cyclists or boaters. Throw in windy weather and this can be a recipe for disaster if you are not organised. 

The Black Magic S-Line 8 Kit Roost is perfect for storing all of the set-ups that I need on the canal, without being so wide that it interferes with passers by on narrow towpaths. In fact, the 70cm width is ideal for all but the narrowest canal banks. 

The four adjustable legs also mean that it can cope with steeply sloping banks, with the pointed ends enabling me to anchor the roost securely. I can also hang my net bag from the central hook to really hold it down should the wind be a problem. 

Rather than round cut-aways in the foam, the L-shaped design of the kit holders is a lot more secure, just try and face them away from the wind and there is very little chance of even a light top kit from being blow around. 

I like these roots so much that I often use two of them to hold my spare kits and rods. The design is excellent, they fold up quite small and weigh very little, making them ideal for all anglers, but especially on canals and river banks. 

Tight lines! 

Dave Ward

I use this roost to hold both top kits and rods securely.

Position the roost to the side so that everything is to hand.

The extending legs are great for uneven banks.

"The shaped foam holds kits really securely."