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These Mini Cups suit my winter canal fishing perfectly as they are light weight, easy to use and are brilliant when I only want to feed a few chopped worm and casters, maggots or a small ball of liquidised bread. Each cup has wide rear slots allowing them to be effortlessly slipped onto large diameter tip sections. They also come with removable caps which eliminates any spillage when shipping out to maximum distance. Every second counts in a match and these cups are so light and small they can be left on whilst fishing allowing the swim fed on a little and often basis without having to reach for a cupping kit.


Available in three sizes, small and medium (sold as a pair) and large (sold singly).

Jamie Burt

The precision slots won’t damage top kits.

Fit the cap to eliminate spills.

Cap removed for feeding down the edge. 

"The small size means these cups can be left in place."

Different sizes for different applications.

The caps can be removed to adjust the amount and speed that feed is released.