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Landing nets have a tough life, and finding one that does everything that you ask of it can be tricky. For my river fishing I use the medium CK Competition Net from Browning, as it is pretty close to perfection for my style of fishing. 

The Metal frame is really strong and the mesh is double thickness around it, making it really long lasting and not easily damaged. The frame is fixed really securely into the nylon spreader block, ensuring that there are no weak points that will let you down. 

The mesh itself is a nice, soft 8mm design that is ideal for use in rivers. It seems to catch the flow less than many other nets and is very easy to push through the water, especially useful when netting chub, which have a habit of avoiding the net. 

The net is just the right depth to handle a decent fish, whilst being just right so that I can hold it between my knees when unhooking a fish. There are three styles available. The smaller version is ideal for silverfish venues, the larger one for bigger chub and bream, whilst the hair rigger stops those annoying hair breakages that you can often get when using a wider mesh. 

A great range of nets, at a great price. 

The CK Competition Net is available in three styles:

Small – 45cm wide with 8mm mesh

Medium – 50cm wide with 8mm mesh

Hair Rigger – 50cm wide with 2mm mesh

Tom Noton

The size of these nets is just right.

I really like the combination of mesh sizes.

These nets are ideal for silverfish, but are strong enough to handle carp and barbel too.

"The depth of these nets is just right"