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Having heard numerous glowing reviews on the Sphere MgTi reels I just had to see what I was missing out on and from the very first time I picked the reel up I just knew it would suit all my angling requirements. The first thing I noticed was it really did look the business and the attention to detail is amazing from the carbon weave cosmetics on the body to the blue highlights. 

Looks are one thing but construction and performance is another as rarely will you find all three in a reel but this reel looks like it has tem all, as it’s constructed from some of the finest materials available, ones that will last the test of time. 

Without getting too technical it has a ultra-light magnesium housing, carbon rota and drag discs, titanium-nitride-coated line roller with an anti-twist system, stainless steel main shaft, duraluminium spool to name just a few materials used in its construction so whoever created this reel certainly looked at a reels weak points and made sure that this one wouldn’t disappoint. 

We all have features we like and one of mine is that the reels stem isn’t too long, allowing trapping of the line on the spool with your finger when casting, or just as importantly, letting line out gradually when trotting a river. A reliable and mono friendly line clip is also very important to me and I’ve tested this one repeatedly and it’s outstanding as is the switch to adjust the silky smooth drag which is easy to find and adjust at the front.   

Another area I noticed straight away was the rapid line retrieve and the superb line lay on the spool which takes 110m of 0.20mm line. Although constructed to the highest quality this reel is ultra light weighing just 338g and the slimline handle and thin bail arm creates one of the most balanced reels I’ve ever used.   

Boosting numerous other top notch features such as 9 ball bearings, a gear ratio of 4.6:1, two-speed oscillation system, indestructible titanium axle, titanium coated line guard for optimal line protection and durability plus a spare spool with a special anti-slip-core for braids, the list simply goes on!

This is a fantastic float and feeder reel which I know I’m going to get years of satisfaction from.   


Available in four sizes to cover every application in modern coarse fishing.

Paul Hyde

Optimal balance makes casting a dream. 

Outstanding line protection line clip.

Easy to adjust front drag. 

"The line lay is superb."

Easy to reach spool, great for those with short fingers.

Made from the finest materials.

Simply, ‘Out of this World’!