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One thing that I always try to achieve is to get my hookbait acting in the same way as the loose feed I’m feeding. This is especially important when fishing canals in the depth of winter, when the water is gin clear for roach, a situation where just a couple of extra fish can make all the difference in where you come in a match. Trying however to find the perfect hook that’s not only razor sharp and light but at the same time strong enough, just in case a powerful bonus fish such as a big perch is hooked, has proved difficult but at long last I can confidently say that I have found such a pattern! 

The Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite isn’t just for feeder fishing; it’s a brilliant hook to use when pole, stick or waggler fishing, especially with small delicate baits such as bloodworm, pinkies, squats and one of my favourites, bread punch. An added bonus I have found is that very few fish are lost on this pattern making them my go to hook for almost all my match fishing. And unlike most other brands you get fifteen spade end, barbed hooks in every packet from size 8 right through to an 18!

Jamie Burt

Available in sizes between 8 and 18 for all your feeder fishing.

The small barb and in-turned point see very few fish come adrift. 

"This is a brilliant all round hook."