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When I’m feeder fishing at distance on very big venues for skimmers and bream I require not only an abrasion resistant, hard working line but one that will boost bite detection as this allow me to adjust my rigs quickly to how the fish are feeding and simply catch more than those around.

My first choice line for this style of fishing has to be Cenex Low Stretch Mono as this dark specialist pre-stretch line, specifically designed for distance feeder fishing has an amazing low diameter to its breaking strain, making casting effortless and keeps me in touch with the fish at all time along with being easily capable of landing a bonus 20lb plus carp if I’m fortunate to hook one.

Many of the venues I fish ban the use of braided main lines so this is an easier-to-use alternative and eliminates any chance of wind knots.

If you’re looking for the perfect feeder mainline then look no further. 

 Available on 150m spools in the following diameter/strength

0.14mm 2.10kg/4.60lb

0.16mm 2.65kg/5.80lb

0.18mm 3.15kg/6.90lb

0.20mm 3.85kg/8.50lb

0.22mm 4.85kg/10.70lb

0.24mm 6.10kg/13.40lb

0.26mm 7.15kg/15.70lb

John Pantrey

For that extra distance, it has to be Cenex Low Diameter Mono.

Ultra-low stretch formulation boosts bite detection. 

Heavy feeders to the horizon, no problem. 

"Ideal for long range feeder fishing."