Dear fishing friends,

now the new year is already a few days old. 2020 was a pretty rough ride in stormy seas for all of us. The pandemic will remain with us for a while in 2021. We don’t always go a straight path in life and have to face challenges. And yet there are always opportunities to remain curious and look ahead.

My personal advice to everyone: to make your life as tasty as possible as far as possible. And in our case that especially includes pursuing fishing goals and dreams.

Perhaps you have long been attracted by a certain water and you will become a member of a new club? Incidentally, I fulfilled this wish last year. Or do you want to go out to sea and learn new fishing techniques from a boat? Even the perhaps brave-sounding thought of catching a gigantic catfish does not have to remain a dream – we can continue to be in nature and have numerous opportunities to live our passion for “fishing”. The enormous upswing of fishing, with many newcomers and those who have practically rediscovered their hobby after years of a break, shows us this clearly.

My angler heart wishes you luck, satisfaction, heartwarming catching moments and all in all a successful fishing season with unforgettable hours on the water. And most importantly: stay healthy!

Frerk Petersen, Managing Director Zebco Europe Ltd.