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Keeping delicate baits, such as worms, casters and maggots, in top condition can make a big difference to your catches. I am fastidious about how I store and prepare my bait and a quality cool bag is a must-have for keeping my bait in top condition. 

I particularly like the Xitan Combi Bait Bag because not only does it have the capacity to hold all of the bait I need for a match, but has some handy pockets for bait additives, towels, and other items that I need to have to hand. 

The main foil-lined and insulated compartment is large enough to accommodate eight large Browning Bait Tubs and a couple of ice packs in hot weather. Spare bait can be stored in here with the lid closed during a match, keeping it cool and in good condition. 

Next to the main insulated compartment is a smaller compartment that is ideal for carrying bags of groundbait and tubs of additives, such as maggot binder, groundbait dyes and flavourings. Like all of the compartments, this one has a nice wipe clean lining and a three-sided zip, which makes it easy to get to the contents.

The size and features of this bag also lends itself to be used as a compact holdall too, not just as a bait and bits store.  Used like this it’s deal for commercials, canals and feeder fishing – it’s such a versatile bit of kit!

On the outside are two large pockets that are ideal for all those bits and bobs that need to be carried along with your bait. Towels, bait droppers, and catapults live in here. 

Like all of the Xitan luggage, this bag is made from a really tough wipe-clean material in a smart black and red livery. All of the handles and zips are very strong and look like they will give years of service. 

All in all, a brilliant bag that allows me to organise all of the bait that I need for a match and keep it in top condition. 

Kye Jerrom

This is a great bag for carrying all my bait and accessories.

The wipe-clean material is very tough and looks smart.

Strong zips are used all round.

"The main compartment is large enough to accommodate eight large Browning Bait Tubs."