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If you fish a wide variety of venues, as I do, then a pole that can handle a wide range of tactics is essential. Very often, this means buying a pole that can handle fishing with heavier gear for hard-fighting carp, at the expense of having the poise for more finesse fishing on canals and rivers. Fortunately, I believe there is an answer, in the form of the Browning Xitan Z16 L Advance. 

Most of my fishing is on the Midlands canal circuit. Often bites are at a premium, and you need a stiff pole that can enable you to fish comfortably for the full five hours right across at 16 metres. The long section design of the Z16 L Advance gives it incredible stiffness, yet cuts weight without compromising wall strength. As standard it comes as a true 16m package, but this can be increased by using the supplied parallel top-kit no.2 to give you 16.7 metres, or by adding parallel butts, taking the pole to 18 metres and beyond.

The top kit configuration is interesting. The long long section length of 1.9 metres allows for the use of one-piece top kits as standard, increasing stiffness and balance, by virtue of removing a joint at the most critical position. The one-piece kits also allow elastics to run more smoothly, increase strength, and cause less ‘bounce’. Standard SLK top kits can be used if you prefer, and feature the unique duo bush system, allowing a wide range of elastic diameters to be used.

As with a number of Browning’s top-end poles, the Z16 L Advance has woven reinforcement at the ends of each section for increased strength. You will also find section alignment points on each section that can be felt, meaning there is less need to look at the sections as you ship in and out. 

Another feature well worth of mention are the Xitan Square Pole Protectors (XEPP’s) which fit the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections. These unique square profile short butts, are incredibly comfortable under the forearm, and give increased grip when the inevitable cross-wind blows. Incorporating an EVA skid bung, they also help protect those expensive butt sections from damage as you ship in and out. 

I could wax lyrically about my Z16 L Advance for hours, but the fact of the matter is you won’t know how good this pole is until you pick it up. So go check it out at your nearest Browning Pole Specialist Retailer. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, even when you put it against other poles costing considerably more. 

Tight lines! 

Mark Roberson

A superb, responsive pole, ideal for a wide range of venues.

The Square Pole Protectors are very comfortable and give great stability.

The sections are reinforced for extra strength.

"If you fish a wide range of venues this is the perfect pole."