Originally Published in Dutch.

These cutting edge rollers not only have a super-stable frame, but are equipped with some brilliant innovations, such as the silky-smooth, ball bearing rollers.

Due to the ball bearings, the rollers turn very smoothly, so there is hardly any resistance when shipping the pole. Each roller has ramped edges that keep the pole from falling off the rollers. This is especially useful if the pole needs to be un-shipped in two parts when there is not enough space behind the fishing spot.

These rollers also cope brilliantly with high banks, as they can be set very low simply by removing the standard legs and using the using the short legs instead.

The telescopic legs mean that the rollers can be set to the perfect height, which is especially important it you are using two rollers to ship back a long pole. Uneven banks can also be easily dealt with, giving you the perfect position every time.

Another neat little feature are the spirit levels, which make it so easy to set the roller level perfectly flat. 

Be sure to check out these fantastic rollers in your local Browning stockist.


Harrie Poels

"This year Browning have two new pole rollers in their range."