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When bream and other larger fish are the target you need a net that is not only robust, but easy to manoeuvre. The CK Competition net meets these requirements admirably, and is available in several versions to meet different types of fishing. 

I tend to use the medium size which at 50cm by 40cm is just right for bigger fish. The depth is just right too, being not too deep, making it easy to unhook fish with the net held firmly between my knees.

The mesh on the large net has an 8mm diameter, making it very easy to push through the water. It is also really soft and the fish do tend to lay quietly in it. I have also found that the mesh is quite hook-resistant too, which can save time. 

The metal frame is really strong and is securely fixed into the spreader block. All in all, this is a very well thought out net that does exactly what it is designed to do with the minimum of fuss.

Small – 45cm x 35cm frame by 28cm deep, with 8 x 8mm mesh

Medium – 50cm x 40cm frame by 28cm deep, with 8 x 8mm mesh

Hair Mesh – 50cm x 40cm frame by 28cm deep, with 2 x 2mm mesh

Pat Cuddy

The 8mm mesh makes the net very easy to move through the water.

The ideal net for larger fish, such as bream and carp.

"The size and depth are just right."