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My local river Trent offers has some brilliant fishing on offer and one of my favourite tactics is to fish for the abundant roach, dace, and small chub on the pole. This is often bite-a-chuck fishing, swinging good fish to hand, so any chinks in your gear will soon be found out. 

My hook choice for this style of fishing is the Sphere Match, normally in a size 16 or 18. These hooks have just the right wire gauge for maggot and caster fishing, being incredibly light, but very strong. 

They also keep their points very well and are razor sharp. I can often go all day using the same hook, which saves a lot of time during a match. The slightly in-turned point also goes in and stays in, meaning very few fish manage to come off as I swing them in. 

The shape is interesting, especially for maggot fishing, The tear drop shaped bend makes them brilliant for maggot fishing. The bait sits on the bend, staying put and not getting moved around when you miss a bite, meaning that I have the confidence to let the rig run through if I miss a bite. 

A great hook for pole or running line fishing for silvers, but with plenty of strength should you hook a bonus chub or big perch. The Sphere Match hook has quickly become a favourite and has more than earned it place in my box. 

Available in sizes 8 to 18, either in packs of 15 loose hooks or pre-tied in packs of 8.

Tom Noton

My choice for maggot and caster fishing.

These hooks have a nice wire gauge, but are very strong.

"My choice for maggot and caster fishing."