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I was a firm fan of the original Xenos feeders and these new versions are even better! The new plasticised coating gives the wire a nice low-key colour that blends in well and makes the feeders smooth to the touch, which I suspect may reduce the chances of tangles.

Of the Xenos range my favourite is the Pro Cast feeder. With the weight strategically positioned below the cage these feeders cast like bullets. If you are looking for more range, without compromising accuracy, then give these a go. 

I find them ideal for bream fishing where I want to introduce a reasonable amount of bait. The size is just right. They come in a range of weights, with the 30gram being ideal for medium range fishing, and the heavier sizes being great when maximum range is essential. 

The Looped attachment is simple but effective. I normally use a clip swivel attached to a short boom either running on the main line or fished ‘helicopter-style’ 

One useful tip with any cage feeder is to carry some electrical tape with you, or add a wrap of shrink tube at home around the cage. This stops any of the bait escaping through the gaps in the mesh on the drop, ensuring your patch of bait is as tight as possible on the bottom. A useful ploy when the fishing is tough. 

If you are looking for a mesh feeder that will cast accurately and to maximum range then be sure to have a look at the Pro Cast. 

Length 30mm by 25mm long

Weights between 30 grams and 70 grams

Pat Cuddy

The central weight means this feeder casts really accurately and is perfect for long range fishing.

The range of weights are perfect for Stillwater fishing.

Use shrink tube or tape to slow the release of bait.

"I find them ideal for bream fishing "