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The Sphere Silverlite System Whip really does raise the roof when it comes to speed fishing for silver to hand. This has to be the most versatile whip system on the market and makes fishing to-hand at longer lengths and short-line speed fishing, at long lengths, all the way up to 10m effortless. 

I recently put this mixed tele/takeapart System Whip through its paces, first taking it to a deep clear venue where I fished the flicktip at 8m to hand. It’s incredibly slim, ultra light and amazingly durable as it’s been built using the same respected Sphere grade carbon and build technology creating that middle section stiffness needed when fishing to hand. Balanced and responsive simply means more bites hit and more fish in the keepnet come the end of the day, exactly what all experienced, professional match anglers demand. 

The second trial was on a totally different venue, very shallow where every so often between the silvers a carp or big bream could barge in on the action. Elasticating a top two sections the inevitable soon happen and elastic stretched from the tip but as I have come to expect having used other Sphere poles for years, there was no need to worry as I soon had the first carp under control and in the net.   

The Sphere Silverlite System Whip is available in two sets, 10m and 8m which is what I have and this comes complete with 8m pole (3-section telescopic topkit, plus 5 take apart sections) including flicktip, reversible Pole Protector to fit 7m and 8m sections, 2 x 3/1 telescopic top kits with hollow tips* plus its Hardcase Multi-pocket carry case. 

This system also boosts an array of innovative features and technology such as Strengthened Stress Points, Diamond Surface Finish for smooth and fast shipping, Section Alignment Points for maximum stiffness, Pole Protection System plus many more.

Ever since picking up the new Sphere Silverlite System Whip I just can’t put it down and know this pole is going to give me a genuine performance advantage.

Justin Watkins

*Note – both top kit types can be converted to hollow or solid flick tip type by changing the tip “A” section only – the tips are available as spare parts.

 Silvers to hand – I love it!

Striking graphics for easy recognition.

The end result of a quick-fire session.

"this pole is going to give me a genuine performance advantage"

Supplied in its very own special hardshell carry case.

Over-wrapped grip areas for added strength.

The internal pockets in the hard case enable me to organise my top kits.

Highest quality Japanese carbon with internal reinforcing.

Section protection comes as standard.

I love the understated graphics.