One of the most significant innovations in modern feeder fishing has to be the development of fine diameter sinking braids. These have been a revelation for the feeder angler, not only allowing us to use finer main lines than before, but also giving much better bite indication than was previously possible, and all in a line that does not deteriorate over time. 

My choice for most of my feeder fishing is Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid in 0.10mm diameter, which has a breaking strain of 12lb. When you compare this to a traditional nylon mono line of the same breaking strain, which has a diameter of roughly 0.32mm, you can see just how big the margins can be. 

Not all fine braids are created equally though. There are several factors to take into account when choosing a braid. One of the most important is that the braid should have a round profile. This is not so easy to achieve in fine braids, but the Cenex braid ticks all the boxes in this respect, and loads onto the reel very well indeed. 

A round braid creates much less water resistance than one with a flat profile, allowing me to use much lighter feeders, and giving better bite indication. Line twist and the dreaded bedding-in, which can effect casting distance and accuracy, are not a problem with this line. 

Another problem with some fine braids is that they float and are difficult to cut through the surface film of the water. This is especially important when fishing at long range and in a cross-wind, when you need to get the line down quickly to stop a bow from forming. As the name suggest, this braid really does sink very well. 

Knotting a fine braid to a thicker shock leader can cause a weak spot, but I have found this not to be the case with my chosen combination. The knot is neat and runs through the rod rings easily, without catching. It is also remarkably strong and has not let me down. 

A minor point, but some braids can quickly lose their colour when exposed to water and sunlight. The Cenex braid tends to hold its dark green colour very well has hardly changed even after several months of hard use.

I tend to use braid with a shockleader of 8lb Black Magic Gold Mono. By using a slightly weaker leader if I should snag the feeder (which is pretty rare), then the leader will break before the braid, meaning I lose minimal gear. 

If you haven’t yet made the switch to braided main lines for feeder fishing, or perhaps you are looking for a reliable line, then I can whole heartedly recommend Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid. Once you try it there is no going back! 

Tight Lines! 

Tom Noton

Braid enables me to fish with lighter feeders and magnifies bites.

The perfect braid for my feeder fishing.

Brilliant line-lay and a long-lasting dark green colour.

"I can whole heartedly recommend Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid."