This innovative feeder has given me a major edge in many a match allowing me to catch carp from the off, leaving others anglers around playing the catch up game. 

Before revealing my edge let’s take a quick look at the Xenos Feeders which come in three sizes (J-25, J-28 and J-32) and have weighted heads at the front ranging from 30-80g which can be easily removed and altered. Whether you want to deliver a small payload a long way out or a big pay load in close, these feeders are extremely versatile and cover most situations, but there’s also a floating ball shaped head that fits these feeders that not only allows carp to be caught off the top but more importantly can be adjusted to sink at different speeds catching them from every depth within the swim. 

To make this floating head sink all you do is to remove the plug from the small hole within and add split shot. The more you add, the quicker it sinks but the most deadly decent I have found is to critically balance it so it sinks mega slow, just like the pellets placed within the cage and the one next to your hook. 

I know it all sounds too good to be true, in fact many will be saying ‘that won’t work’ but until you have tried this you just won’t be aware of what you’re missing out on.  

Colin Sheppard

Fully interchangeable feeders.

Adding weight will adjust the speed the feeder falls through the water.

Fully loaded and ready to go.

My secret weapon, revealed!

Catching while other around struggle.

If you have a deep commercial full of carp nearby, you really need to get on the Slow Sinker!

"The feeder can be balanced to sink incredibly slowly."