If ever there was a piece of luggage that lived up to its name then this is it. The Xitan Carry All has a capacity of over 100 litres, meaning I can load it with all the gear that I need and, along with my seatbox, it sits perfectly on my barrow, making getting to my peg a cinch. 

Like all of the Xitan luggage range it is made from a really hard-wearing material that has a wipe clean finish. Perfect for muddy banks. The Carry All is has soft internal padding, which means it doesn’t collapse when only half loaded. This makes it much easier to find those items that always manage to end up at the bottom of the bag. 

The carry handles at each end are a nice touch, making lifting the bag on and off my barrow, and loading it in the car very easy, even when it is fully loaded. The base also has runners on it, which protect the base from damage. 

Like all of the Xitan luggage range the zips and stitching are built to last. Given the superb quality, I was surprised by the reasonable price. Expect many years of faithful service from this well thought out range.

Smaller items can be stored in the two end pockets and the larger front pocket. All in all, there is a place for everything in this cavernous bag, making getting organised just that little but easier. 

Dimensions – 72cm X 37cm X 45cm

Tight lines! 

Mark Roberson

The Xitan luggage have a really smart wipe-clean finish.

The end carry handles are really useful.

The pockets are just right for a range of smaller items.

"Like all of the Xitan luggage range the zips and stitching are built to last"

A great carryall for all my gear.

Plenty of room for all my gear in one bag.