There are many models of seatbox available, with so much more choice now than even a few years ago, with a huge spread in prices between models and brands. The sheer choice available can be confusing to the angler looking for a new box, but there are some key points to look out for. 

One of the key elements to consider is comfort. We are going to be spending a long time sitting in one position, so it is essential that the seatbox provides the right sitting position. Look for boxes that allow the height of the seat to be adjusted easily to match your height. Good upholstery on the seat can also make a big difference. 

The combination of accessories and draws that you choose will depend upon the style of fishing and the amount of gear that you need. It is worth thinking carefully before deciding on the trays, draws and other accessories that you require to ensure that everything has a place. Also make sure that the box system that you choose has a good range of add-ons available. 

My choice of box is the Browning CC Feeder Seat Box. This is the flagship model of the top of the range Xitan competition seat boxes. The structure was designed with innovative applications in mind. Comfort in use is provided by a wide and stable frame. The diameter of the legs is 25 mm, and is very rigid while fishing, even when I have to go deeper into the water. 

The platform is easy to carry, compact and lightweight. There is a lot of space under the upper cassette for attaching cassettes and other necessary accessories. With a wide range of different cassettes available, so that box can be tailored to your own needs. 

Six telescopic legs with adjustable feet, as well as spirit levels on each side of the platform, allow me to easily and quickly level the box, even on uneven terrain. The knobs are made of a solid material, their shape allows for easy adjustment. The design and livery of the platform matches the entire series of Browning products from the Xitan series. 

I have had this seat box for two years. Despite lots of use, I can confidently recommend this seat box as it has really stood the test of time. The legs are still stable, nothing has rubbed off. The retractable footrest is practically in the factory condition. There is no play in any of the components, giving me total confidence to set this box up even in deep water.

The stable and compact structure is convenient to carry and transport. Now I cannot imagine fishing without a comfortable and safe seat box. It has become a piece of kit that I can really rely upon, being extremely comfortable and a pleasure to use. 

Best regards,

Paweł Daab.

This seatbox provides a very stable fishing platform.

A full range of accessories can be added to this box.

I particularly like that the seat height can be adjusted independently.

"A seatbox that meets the expectations of a feeder angler."