Sometimes the simplest things in fishing make the biggest differences! Just by placing the robust angle-adjustment connector bracket on the narrow side of a keepnet means that more nets can be positioned in front of you during a match, something that’s important on bagging waters when weights of over 300lb are commonplace and 50lb net limits are imposed!

Made from a Quick Dry Mesh material this net is very fish friendly, almost eliminating fins being caught up and being dark keeps the fish within calm. The top and bottom rings, which take the most punishment during carp bagging matches, are made from metal with the middle rings made from sturdy plastic. These nets are really light and fold down to just a couple of inches meaning that numerous nets can be packed away and transported in my Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag.


(L) 3.0m x (W) 50cm x (H) 40cm  

Also available in two sizes, with mounting in the normal position, in lengths of 2.50m and 3.50m, both 50cm width and 40cm height.  

Justin Watkins

The threaded adaptor is on the short side of the rim, giving room for more keepnets in front of you.

All of the fittings are extremely strong.

The soft mesh is very fish friendly.

These nets dry really quickly.

"Made from a Quick Dry Mesh material this net is very fish friendly"

These nets are available in three different lengths.

The angle-adaptor is very well made and locks securely.