If you have ever found your spare rods and reels snagging each other, then this new roost is for you. Designed to hold four feeder or float rods, even if they are fitted with modern 50-size long distance reels, this roost holds your gear securely and adequately spaced to eliminate tangles. 

The soft moulded foam design will protect delicate blanks, whilst the L-shaped design means that the rods will not blow off the roost, even in the strongest of winds. Fitted with a standard screw thread they can be either attached to your box, many side trays, or used on a separate tripod, depending on you preference. 

A really well thought-out design that is just right for the modern rod and line angler. 

Pat Cuddy

Browning West Midlands

This rest holds the rods at a sensible distance apart.

The L-shaped EVA foam cut-outs stop rods from being blown off in strong winds.

If you set up multiple running-line rods then this is the ideal rest.

"Just right for the modern feeder angler"