There is luggage and then there is exceptionally good luggage, and that’s exactly where I place every product in the Sphere range.

Modern day match anglers carry everything, and I’m no exception as every match, festival or venue brings along different challenges, and that means taking every rod, reel and bait so you can adapt and compete to the top of your ability. The Sphere Large Multipocket Bag is big with a huge main compartment that swallows up everything along with three wide zipped outer pockets giving easy access and more capacity for additional kit. Made from top quality specialist PVC material and the best fittings available you can forget about broken zips and wear on weak points as attention to detail has been looked at, addressed and fixed meaning there will be no early retirement here, just years and years of reliable service!

The wipe clean, tough carbon effect material will have heads turning and its dimensions mean it sits on a barrow perfectly. Along with its capacity it comes with a load of additional innovative features such as carry handle on the side which makes lifting onto a barrow effortless and the plastic base runners, which eliminates wear, and carry handles mean that it can be pushed/pulled and positioned in a vehicle easily. Reinforced corners, wipe clean inner and padded, adjustable shoulder strap are additional top quality features.

If you are an angler that demands the best, then look no further.

Also available in an 85 litre compact size.

Andy Blay

The best luggage I’ve ever had. 

Carry handle, a brilliant innovative touch.

My gear stays dry in the worst conditions.

Top quality fittings.

Massive capacity to swallow up all my kit.

Padded adjustable shoulder strap.

"If you are an angler that demands the best, then look no further."