I’ve been using the Black Viper Compact 845, which is slightly smaller than the Compact 855 for around a year now and can confidently say it’s a top class all-round feeder reel. I have to admit though; I was a bit concerned recently if it was up to its next challenge, barbel on the mighty river Wye, especially when I arrived to find it raging through after loads of overnight rain, however it performed perfectly and helped me land a number of specimens to over 9lb.   

It has loads of features, the most notable being the long-cast spool that takes an amazing 200m of 0.20mm line and retrieves an incredible 99cm per turn! The spool also features two line clips which are totally reliable and allow the line to be removed easily if required when fishing clipped up. Weighing just 420g this reel is compact but oozes features such as 8 ball bearings, a gear ratio of 4.6:1, and something I love, a line guard that eliminates line slipping behind the spool. The reel has a silky smooth clutch which is easily and finely adjusted due to the large surface front drag switch. The line lay is perfect, all down to the Wormshaft Oscillation System ensuring pin-point accurate casting every time and the stainless steel Easy Grip Handle, Large Line Roller with Anti-twist System and Thick Bail Arm create a incredibly balanced reel that feels simply perfect. 

An ultra modern feeder reel that will no doubt continue to perform for many years to come.  

Tim Bruce

Large surface front drag for instant fine adjustment.

Perfect line lay.

Stainless steel shaft and EVA easy grip handle.

A Wye nine pounder, the perfect test for this reel. 

"The line lay is perfect."

Line capacity clearly shown on spool.

Unique line guard stops line catching on the back of the spool.

The perfect reel for modern feeder fishing for big, powerful fish.