A quality tripod is an essential for holding your roosts steady, especially when there is the chance of a strong crosswind. Whilst they might not be the lightest, I really like these all metal Browning Tripods. You will be hard pushed to find a stronger support out there, and they have proven to be extremely tough. 

All three legs offer infinite adjustment, up to a little over three feet (1 metre) in height, making it easy to cope with uneven banks, as well as being able to get your roosts up high and out of the way of bankside vegetation. The central column is also height-adjustable, giving even more lift when required. 

The thumb screws are very chunky and easy to use, even in the cold. The screw thread will accept all roosts and rod rest heads, making it very versatile too. A really useful piece of kit. 

Pat Cuddy

The all metal design is very strong indeed.

The leg adjustment is really positive.

A very robust piece of kit.

"This tripod really lives up to its name."