Ever since I first picked up a Sphere rod I have to admit that it felt and responded better than any other rod I have ever used. The latest addition to my armoury is the Sphere 13’ Match rod and it doesn’t disappoint as it, like all the other rods in the Sphere range built using the finest fittings and the slimmest, lightest, high-modulus carbon blank available. 

The first thing I noticed when using this rod for the first time was just how light it was, just 149g and the slim blank made casting effortless. It was perfection in my hands but little did I know the best was jet to come, as when the float dipped and the first fish was hooked I could feel everything right into my hands, something I have never experienced before and all down to the unique ergonomic weight reducing handle. I just didn’t want the fight to end but inevitably it did, I just had to cast back out and catch more! 

Fitted with Fuji reel seat, special ultra low friction SIC guides, the lightest and best available, and boosting a medium through action this rod is just a joy to use, and as marketed, they are ‘out of this world’.

This is the ultimate all-round match rod; perfectly at home trotting a stick float down the river as it is casting a waggler on a big stillwater to delicate fishing down the edge.

Available in both 13’ and 14’ these are just part of the vast Sphere rods that you just have to get your hands on.

Colin Sheppard

Ergonomic weight reducing handle, transmits everything.

The beautifully sculptured handle is brilliant.

The ultimate all-round match rod. 

"The Sphere range are designed to be the best that money can buy."