This stainless steel model has a thermoformed plastic coating to make it more impact resistant and give it a longer life expectancy.

The weight at the end of the cage gives great stability, it casts easily and with accuracy, thanks to its aerodynamic shape.

Filling the feeder is very easy to do. Put one finger behind the weight and use another to compress the feed. This makes it faster to load than many other feeders.

The cage quickly releases the bait thanks to the wide mesh. When retrieving the weight is positioned backwards creating minimal resistance in the water.

Available in a wide range of weights from 30 grams to 70 grams, covering medium to long range feeder fishing.

The colour blends in well with the lake bed, ideal when carp, tench and bream are the target species.

I use a simple rig that is tangle-free and very reliable. 

The feeder sits against two float stops above the hooklength swivel. I can adjust the length of the hooklength depending upon the mood of fish fish. 

My favourite groundbait mix with this feeder when targeting bream is equal amounts of Champion’s Method Formula Fish and Champions Choice Big Bream. 

Good fishing!

The Pro Cast Feeder is easy to load and casts very well.

A great swim feeder for catching big fish at long range.

This is the simple rig that I use.

"Available in a wide range of weights from 30 grams to 70 grams"