Fishing for carp in commercial waters is becoming more and more popular and popular, and the carp often better at avoiding being caught. 

Fishing up in the water and dobbing are often very successful tactics in the warmer months of the year when the carp spend a good deal of their time near the surface. Fishing in the near and far margins can also mean presenting a bait in very shallow water. Normal dark coloured top kits can easily be seen from below the water surface and can scare the fish off in these situations, leading to some frustrating fishing.

This is why Browning have developed the new Skyline kit, which has a light colour that does not stand out against the light-coloured sky. In fact, in most light conditions, the Skyline kit is almost invisible from below. With no dark outline moving about above them the fish are much more confident and will settle better on your line.

Using a top kit of a different colour might only sound like a small change, but on hard-fished venues this can make a very noticeable difference to your results. 

The one-piece Skyline Kit features:

Depth markers for precise float positioning.

The unique duo bush system 3.9mm / 4.5m, that enables a wider range of elastics to be used through one kit.

A reinforced area for the installation of a puller system.

Length: 1.85m

Weight: 45g

Check them out at your local Browning pole Retailer.

Martin Siwon

The kit features colour-coded depth markers.

The unique ‚heron-grey‘ colour of the Skyline Kit.

Reinforced zone for Pulla kits.

"The light coloured kit does not spook carp in shallow water."