Picture the scene. A successful fishing day is drawing to a close and it is time to head for home. With the gear stowed in the back of the car the heating is on full power, as the days are already getting cooler. By the time I get home the car is full of condensation, and that ‘fishy’ smell that means it has been a successful day, but which the rest of the family certainly don’t appreciate! Fortunately, there is a simple answer to this problem that significantly reduces the musty odour of damp keepnets. 

Recently, I swapped to the Xitan Keepnet Bags, which do a brilliant job of keeping the water and odour in. 

The bags are available in two versions: the Xitan Waterproof Single keep net bag fits one or two standard keep nets and the landing net heads you need for your fishing session on the water. The Xitan Waterproof Double keep net bag can be used to stow two to four keep nets along with landing net heads and your unhooking mat. 

The pockets are waterproof, which prevents any leakage, keeping the back of your car dry too, until you get home and have a chance to dry your nets out in sunlight to kill any rogue nasties.

The strong handles are stable and secure and the finish on the bags is second to none. Keep the smell and dam locked away. Because all we want are the memories and not the ‘sweet’ smell of success! 


Features of the Xitan Waterproof keep net bags include:

Strong but soft waterproof material

Sealed seams and robust carrying handles.

A wide opening zipper cover, with durable zippers

Single size has space for up to two standard keep nets plus a net head.

Double size has space for up to four standard keep nets plus a net head

Washable thanks to the ‘Eazi Clean’ concept

Made from 300D polyester.

Tight Lines! 

Kai Chaluppa, Team Browning

As with all the Xitan range, the Net Bags look as good as they perform.

Large enough to accommodate up to four keep nets and landing nets.

Quality zips and handles that will not let you down.

"An end to that wet net smell."

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Each feature will include some great tactical advice as well as the tackle needed to get the best out of each session.

Next week there will be more three more top class anglers talking about what they are up to, and you never know we all might be allowed back out to cast a line and enjoy our sport again.