At times it can be really difficult finding a reliable reel line, one that doesn’t constantly twist after a few sessions, and one that will serve a multitude of applications; a real all-rounder so to speak.

Well, if you are struggling then take my advice and get your hands on a few spools of Black Magic Gold as I have been using it for years and can confidently say it is brilliant. Recently I used it on the mighty river Wye for barbel, and it handled these hard-fighting fish in often snaggy swims with ease. 

It is my number one choice when it comes to feeder fishing, and I even tie up many of my pole rigs using it – it is that versatile. It also lasts incredibly well and simply resists the constant punishment I put it through. It is a ridiculously good main line. 

Even better, it is not going to cost you the earth. In fact, it’s really affordable and comes on big spools, for example 680m in a 0.17mm diameter and 490m in 0.27mm!

Available on convenient bulk spools in the following tests / diameters:

4.5lb – 0.17mm

6.6lb – 0.19mm 

8.0lb – 0.21mm

9.6lb – 0.23mm

12.6lb – 0.27mm

Tim Bruce

A true all-round mainline.

Big carp are no problem with this line.

Line lay is brilliant for such an abrasion resistant line.

"I can confidently say it is brilliant."