Creating a strong, reliable link in your rigs is essential. With some set-ups, particularly many feeder rigs, where the hookbait can spin on the retrieve, a swivel connection is desirable to cut down on twist. Most swivels are quite clunky though, and can look out of place when a more delicate presentation is required. Not the size 14 King Feeder Swivels though. These tiny swivels are ideal for both feeder and float set-ups where a swivel is needed.

The tiny size adds minimal weight and resistance to the rig (equivalent to a number 8 shot), meaning bites are seen more clearly and fewer indications are missed. The miniscule weight also means that these swivels can also be used on float rigs, especially in running water, where line twist can be a problem, I even use them on by big chopped worm rigs to avoid spin ups with big baits.

Despite the tiny size, these swivels are rated at 4kg breaking strain, more than adequate for most feeder rigs. If you want to improve your feeder rigs then these tiny gems are a must-have item in your box.

Available in a range of sizes from 8 to 14.


Kye Jerrom

King Swivels are a must-have in my box.

The 4kg strain of these swivels makes them useful for a wide range of applications.

King Swivels are precision engineered.

"These tiny swivels are very versatile"