If you’re looking for a long-distance flat-bed method feeder then look no further.

These feeders have been designed with perfectly arranged ribs for optimal hold on the groundbait during casting. No more exploding mid air, these will keep your bait intact even when casting to the horizon, yet will rapidly release once in the water. These compact inline, metal feeders are ideal for those big venues where the fish tend to live well away from the banks. 

Bream anglers will love them. 

Available in three weights 30g, 40g and 60g and compatible with the Hydrus Method Feeder Mould.


Alec Roberts

Designed for distance.

The mould works like a charm.

"Bream anglers will love them."

Compatible with the Hydrus Method Mould.

Another one finds the net.

Great on commercial carp venues too.