There are several things that I look for in a landing net, al of which combine to make fishing that bit easier and more efficient, ultimately helping me put more fish in the net. 

Firstly, the frame and spreader need to be up to the job. Lifting double-figure carp on a regular basis, often when the water can be a few feet below the peg, puts a lot of strain on these components and they need to be strong with a good connection between the two. 

The mesh is also important. It needs to be of a close weave so that hooks are less prone to get caught in it, but with large enough holes that it slices through the water easily. Try scooping a lively carp with a net that has too fine a mesh and you will see just how difficult the net is to manoeuvre. I also like the mesh to be quite shallow – just deep enough to swallow a double-figure carp is about right. This enables me to cradle the net between my knees whilst unhooking the fish without having to reach down and search for it within the folds of a net that is too deep. 

To my mind, the Black Magic Compact Pan is spot-on for all these features, making it my choice for the majority of my fishing. 

Jim Hall

Just the right size and depth for handling fish of all sizes.

Strong enough to handle chunky carp.

"my choice for the majority of my fishing. "

Fish and hook-friendly mesh.

The net cuts through the water easily.

Metal frame and reinforced where it counts.