Feeder fishing is not just about catching fish hard on the bottom. Often, when fishing for roach, rudd and other silverfish, it is much faster to catch them on the drop. We use this tactic regularly on the larger Fenland rivers, and it is just as effective on stillwaters too. In fact it works brilliantly on any venue with a big head of silver fish.


This tactic revolves around creating a cloud of particles in the water column that encourage the fish to feed confidently. Groundbait and small baits, such as finely chopped worm, and pinkies, are ideal for achieving this. The groundbait mix should be light so that it hangs in the water, and literally explode out of the feeder so that it is empty by the time it reaches the bottom. The mix I have put together to achieve this is a combination of three of the Champions range of groundbaits, namely Champions Choice Canal, Champions Feeder Big Bream and Champions Choice No.1. All of these are light groundbaits with a sandy colour – a bright groundbait works well as a cloud, whilst I generally use a dark mix on the deck.


This is an easy mix to put together, but like most groundbaits they will benefit from being prepared the night before fishing, or first thing before the start of a session so that the water has time to be fully absorbed, activating the groundbait.


Kye Jerrom

Use a combination of Champions Choice Canal, Champions Feeder Big Bream and Champions Choice No.1.

Start off with a full bag of Champtions Choice No.1.

Add half a bag of the Champions Feeder Big Bream.

Now add half a bag of the Champions Choice Canal.

"This tactic works brilliantly on venues with plenty of silver fish."

Mix the dry ingredients together thoroughly – I tend to use a groundbait whisk for this.

Slowly add water, whisking all the time to ensure the groundbait is thoroughly mixed.

Put the groundbait through a maggot riddle to remove any lumps and to aerate the mix.

Leave the groundbait to stand for as long as possible, to allow the water to be absorbed.

When I am ready to start fishing I use an atomiser to get the consistency spot-on.

The finished mix has a light fluffy texture and explodes out of the feeder creating a cloud.

Use chopped worm and pinkies in the feeder to add some food.

Load the feed and groundbait into a Window Feeder.