The CK Competition Nets are up there with my favourite items of kit as they are the perfect size and depth. No more bending over and stretching down, chasing the fish around the net as once netted and between my legs the 28cm drop means that the fish is in easy reach for a speedy pick up, unhook and before you know it’s in the keepnet. 

Available in three sizes the Hair Rigger net is one that will impress the match angler fishing for bigger fish using hair rigged baits as it has a really fine 2 x 2mm mesh which eliminates those annoying moments when the mounted bait slips through the mesh and gets snagged up causing lost time from hook ups and broken hairs. All three nets are light and easily manoeuvred, especially the wide-mesh speed versions, even in the strongest winds and throughout constant punishment I have yet to have anything break on me. 

If you hate reaching down to find the landed fish or have experienced hairs getting caught in the mesh then you need to check these nets out, they are simply superb.

Small – Width 45cm, Height 35cm, Depth 28cm, Mesh 8 x 8mm

Medium – Width 50cm, Height 40cm, Depth 28cm, Mesh 8 x 8mm

Hair Rigger – Width 50cm, Height 40cm, Depth 28cm, Mesh 2 x 2mm

Andy Blay

The nets are very easy to manoeuvre.

The perfect depth for handling fish of all sizes.

"All three nets are light and easily manoeuvred"