Keeping my bait in tip-top condition is very important to me, especially when I am using a lot of delicate (and expensive) baits like worms and casters. A quality cool bait bag is an essential in my book as there is no greater edge than having the best bait. 

The Sphere Cool Bait Bag is just right for me. The size means I can load it with six large bait boxes, or around a couple of gallons of bait, along with some cold packs when the weather is really hot. The bag has nice thick insulation to keep the temperature as stable as possible. 

Like all of the Sphere range this bag is made to last. The zips are nice and chunky and I really like the heavy-duty material which has a smart-looking weave effect. After several months of use the bag is showing no signs of wear and tear, even though it has a tough life. 

There’s not much more you can say about a cool bag, other than this one does the job perfectly. 

Jon Whincup

The Bait Bag has a foil lining and internal insulation.

The material is really hard-wearing and built to last.

"Like all of the Sphere range this bag is made to last."