Short rods are all the rage at the moment and are perfect for carp commercials when fishing at short to medium range. I have most of the CK rods as they are so good and my CK Carp Wand is often the first out of the bag when feeder fishing at ranges up to 25m. Ultra slim and made from the very latest advances in carbon, this 8’ rod is light weighing just 157g, has a forgiving through action, is extremely accurate, features top quality fittings throughout and has plenty of power in the middle reaches needed for constantly catching big fish. The snag-free keeper ring is a nice touch and being two piece means it can be stored made up and ready to go as soon as I arrive at the fishery. 

Supplied with a 1oz and 1.5oz tip it really is a versatile rod which is extremely useful in tight swims or when fishing from a platform.


Fil Passeira

If you’re a fan of short rods, check this one out!

Catching these all day is effortless.

Plenty of power to tame oversized fish. 

"a versatile rod which is extremely useful in tight swims ..."